Programming / Software development

Android ADB ├╝ber TCP/IP

How to use ADB over TCP/IP instead of USB

Android development on FreeBSD

How to get started with Android development on FreeBSD (using Android Studio)

Linear stepper motor control - A summary

A short summary of the algorithms required for linear accelerated and decelerated stepper motor control on microcontrolers.

Adding tags for indexing webpages with Jekyll

An easy method to add tags to your static Jekyll generated pages and blogs

How to handle LoRA messages from thethingsnetwork from JavaEE with TTNClientJ2

This article is a (really) short tutorial on how one can handle messages from LoRA nodes that are routed via thethingsnetwork inside an self-contained JavaEE application.

The Blogsphere - How pingbacks work

The blogsphere is a web of interconnected websites. As usual websites are linked like all pages in the WWW but on the other hand they provide an easy way of notifying each other of being referenced by a third party. Pingback is - besides trackbacks - the (XML-RPC based) technology used for that notification.

I2C communication between RaspberryPi and an AVR based I2C slave

04 May 2019 - tsp

This article explains how to use an AVR as I2C slave device (basically how to set registers for the TWI controller) and how to interface that to an RaspberryPi running FreeBSD

Using Git / Git Cheatsheet

07 May 2019 - tsp

A short cheat sheet on how to use the git version control system (most basic operations)

Authenticating and signing using Austrias citizen card

27 Mar 2020 - tsp

A short summary on how to embed authentication and generally signing with the Austrian citizien card

What are JSON web tokens any why would one want to use them?

27 Mar 2020 - tsp

Just a short description of what a JWT is, what it can do for one and how they are realized - and why one would want to use them to identify users in one's web application by using JWTs instead of session IDs.

OpenHantek on FreeBSD for USB oscilloscope

02 Oct 2019 - tsp

A really short description on how to build OpenHantek on FreeBSD and how to configure the system - and how to create a FreeBSD port.

Setting up the ESP32 and ESP8266 build environment

07 Oct 2019 - tsp

Short summary on how to setup the development environment for ESP8266 (Non-OS and RTOS) as well as ESP32 (RTOS) including a short shellscript that's capable of setting up the development environment.

x86 and x86-64 memory models

03 Nov 2019 - tsp

A really short *unfinished* introduction into the various memory models of the x86 architecture

Clone or pull all your github repos (possible as basis for a backup)

07 Nov 2019 - tsp

A short summary on how to use the GitHub API with access tokens to mirror all your GitHub repositories and keep them up to date.

How to use Frama-C to proof correctness of AVR microcontroller code

27 Nov 2019 - tsp

This is a short article that shows how one can use Frama-C and the WP plugin to proof correctness or some properties of ANSI C code written for AVR microcontrollers.

Using Sonoff T4EU1C non-neutral switches with own firmware

15 Jan 2020 - tsp

A short review about the T4EU1C Sonoff Switch as well as an example how to flash Sonoff basic switches with custom firmware

Selenium with Chromium and Java on FreeBSD

10 Feb 2020 - tsp

This is a short description on how to get started using Selenium with chromedriver on FreeBSD with a Java application. This can be used to develop automatic test applications for web applications or simple bots that scrape content from webpages or automate actions on the web using a full browser capable of running JavaScript, running browser plugins, etc.

Neuronal network basics

25 Feb 2020 - tsp

A short introduction into neuronal networks and backpropagation

Frama-C with wp-dynamic and function pointers

02 Mar 2020 - tsp

How to use Frama-C static analysis and proof assitant with ACSL annotations for function pointers in ANSI C.

Frama-C predicates

06 Mar 2020 - tsp

Really short primer on ACSL predicates for formal verification of ANSI C code with Frama-C.

NodeMCU based PIR motion sensor supporting WiFi and MQTT

19 Mar 2020 - tsp

Mini tutorial on how to use the NodeMCU Amica and a cheap PIR sensor module to build a pretty simple motion sensor that supports reporting via MQTT messages.

k-Means clustering algorithm

22 Mar 2020 - tsp

Short summary about the k-means algorithm and it's usage

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