Zusammenfassung Reaktorphysik

04 Aug 2014 - tsp

This is a (German) summary of basic nuclear reactor physics that has been written by me during learning for the exam of an university course.


01 Feb 2014 - tsp

This is a short (German) summary of the WKB approximation applied to the time invariant Schrödinger equation, which is a method used for finding approximate solutions to linear differential equations with spatially varying coefficients.

Fast ballpark calculation of maximum speed for maximum car througput (using simple high-school physics and math)

25 Apr 2019 - tsp

The fast and short answer to the question which speed would be (under optimal conditions) the speed to choose for maximum car throughput on a single lane. Contrary to the often believed fact it's shown that higher speed does not correlate with higher throughput by using simple high-school math.

Where does complex impedance come from?

28 Oct 2020 - tsp

This post describes a simple derivation of the complex inpedance formulas well known from electronics.

Topology basics

28 Oct 2020 - tsp

Basic definitions for topology (notes taken during various lectures)

k-Means clustering algorithm

22 Mar 2020 - tsp

Short summary about the k-means algorithm and it's usage

Capacitance measurement with AVR (simple, fast)

09 Jul 2020 - tsp

Mini article about the measurement of capacitance with AVRs with a minimum of external components (in it's most extreme form none external components exploiting the gate capacitance of the micro-controllers input)

Z, ABCD, S and T parameters in two port networks

12 Jul 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the different meaning and interpretation of impedance, ABCD, scattering and transfer parameters in simple (linear) two port networks.

Some Gaussian integrals in 1 dimension

11 Sep 2020 - tsp

Short summary of various commonly used Gaussian integrals (1 dimensional) most of the time not shown in school textbooks.

Maxwell equation summary

22 Sep 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the basic properties of Maxwell equations, the resulting electromagnetic wave equations and commonly used gauges (Lorenz, Coulomb).

Cherenkov radiation summary

28 Sep 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the basic idea behind Cherenkov radiation

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