Zusammenfassung Reaktorphysik

04 Aug 2014 - tsp

This is a (German) summary of basic nuclear reactor physics that has been written by me during learning for the exam of an university course.


01 Feb 2014 - tsp

This is a short (German) summary of the WKB approximation applied to the time invariant Schrödinger equation, which is a method used for finding approximate solutions to linear differential equations with spatially varying coefficients.

Fast ballpark calculation of maximum speed for maximum car througput (using simple high-school physics and math)

25 Apr 2019 - tsp

The fast and short answer to the question which speed would be (under optimal conditions) the speed to choose for maximum car throughput on a single lane. Contrary to the often believed fact it's shown that higher speed does not correlate with higher throughput by using simple high-school math.

Where does complex impedance come from?

20 Oct 2021 - tsp

This post describes a simple derivation of the complex inpedance formulas well known from electronics.

Topology basics

20 Oct 2021 - tsp

Basic definitions for topology (notes taken during various lectures)

k-Means clustering algorithm

22 Mar 2020 - tsp

Short summary about the k-means algorithm and it's usage

Capacitance measurement with AVR (simple, fast)

09 Jul 2020 - tsp

Mini article about the measurement of capacitance with AVRs with a minimum of external components (in it's most extreme form none external components exploiting the gate capacitance of the micro-controllers input)

Z, ABCD, S and T parameters in two port networks

12 Jul 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the different meaning and interpretation of impedance, ABCD, scattering and transfer parameters in simple (linear) two port networks.

Some Gaussian integrals in 1 dimension

11 Sep 2020 - tsp

Short summary of various commonly used Gaussian integrals (1 dimensional) most of the time not shown in school textbooks.

Maxwell equation summary

22 Sep 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the basic properties of Maxwell equations, the resulting electromagnetic wave equations and commonly used gauges (Lorenz, Coulomb).

Cherenkov radiation summary

28 Sep 2020 - tsp

A short summary about the basic idea behind Cherenkov radiation

3D printed parts using PLA and standard FDM process in vacuum?

13 Jan 2021 - tsp

Just a short description of what I've tried (and didn't expect to work) about the usage of 3D printed parts made out of PLA in the typical desktop FDM 3D printing process, i.e. a method to build really low cost parts at home.

Cutting glass vacuum tubes using hot wire

02 Mar 2021 - tsp

Something easy and simple. How to cut glass tubes and other glass parts using electrically heated hot wire.

Basic behaviour of thermionic emission cathodes

28 Apr 2021 - tsp

A short summary about the operation and characteristics of thermionic emission cathodes, the current limiting factors and the most important failure modes

Building a simple improvised electron gun from common of the shelf components

28 Apr 2021 - tsp

Mini blog article that summarizes the build of a simple 2 mA beam current electron gun from common of the shelf components gathered from the hardware store as well as some 3D printed components.

Summary: Pierce type electron gun essentials and most basic geometry

12 May 2021 - tsp

A short summary about the basic conditions in a pierce type electron gun

Short Kalman filter summary

19 May 2021 - tsp

A short summary about Kalman filtering

Matching impedance using NanoVNA v2, NanoVNASaver and SimSmith

03 Jun 2021 - tsp

A mini summary on how to perform impedance matching for antennas or other devices using the NanoVNA v2 together with the NanoVNASaver and SimSmith applications based on the impedance matching of an electron deflection system

Composition of atmospheric air and mean thermal speed

02 Jul 2021 - tsp

Table containing the typical atmospheric air components as well as their mean thermal speed and mean molecular mass.

Ethernet control of Gamma vacuum quad ion pump controller

17 Aug 2021 - tsp

Notes on the the protocol that's required to remotely control Gamma vacuum ion pumps / titan sublimation pumps via a quad pump controller and some views on the inner workings of my own library implementing the protocol

A vacuum oil well - using water to check for oily contamination in a vacuum chamber

01 Sep 2021 - tsp

This blog post describes a really simple method to get a hint if the interior of a vacuum chamber has been contaminated with some oil without the use of expensive chemical analysis.

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