Merchants and manufacturers

The following page is just a listing of some merchants and manufacturers that I or people I’m doing projects with commonly use or recommend. This is no exhaustive list - I mainly keep them for my own reference.

Note that these sellers are usually selected to ship in Europe / Austria and are only listed here when they also ship to private individuals and not only to companies or educational institutions.

Wrough material

Wrough material can be stuff like rods, plates, profiles, etc.

Merchant Material Comments
Motedis Aluminum profiles Standard aluminum profiles, fast shipping, do not expect any customer support (no mail, no telephone, no responses, no questions) - they’re running like industry. Really great.
Fixmetall Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Bronze, etc. Fast and highly competent seller for neraly everything you require when building stuff. Acryl, HPL, PVC, PE, Trespa, etc. Cut to shape. Highly recommended
Polymet Various metals (galvanic stuff, etc.) Pure material for galvanic and laboratory usage in various forms

Mechanical parts

Merchant Material Comments
Schraubenking Screws (including metric ones) The source for all standard screws (A2 steel, metric, etc.). Cheap, fast, high quality stuff
Der Schraubenladen Screws also in exotic materials Source for screws in more exotic materials (A1-A5, aluminum, Titanium, Molybdenum, Peek, Copper, etc.)
Kanirope Ropes Good source for a variety of ropes

3D printing supplies

Merchant Material Comments
3dee FDM filaments, SLS and SLA resins and powder No FEP as far as I know


Merchant Products Comments  
Digikey Generic electronics distributor    
Mouser Generic electronics distributor    
Radio 741   New and used, hard to find electronic and industrial components RF components

Electrics and cables

Merchant Products Comments
Koax24 Coaxial cables (raw and with connectors), 50 and 75 Ohm, nearly everything from everyday Coax to HV and Kapton coated cables  

Optics components

Merchant / Manufacturer Products Comments
Thorlabs Nearly everything you can imagine for your lab setup. Really fast, good quality, really competent - but of course also really expensive (matching quality)
Roithner Lasertechnik Lasers, Laser diodes, LEDs, detectors, some optical devices You need an specific laser or laser diode? They usually have them.

Notebooks, desktops, servers and workstations

Merchant Products Comments
Quant Electronic Used but usable computers (workstations, servers, notebooks)  


Manufacturer Comments
PCBWay One of the two large Chinese PCB manufaturers that’s interesting for hobbyist and small series applications. They have a special offer for 10 pieces of 2 layer PCBs for 5$ and are pretty fast. Also capable of materials for RF boards (Rogers, etc.)
JLCPCB The second well known Chinese PCB manufaturer. Pretty fast and capable of some special materials like aluminum PCBs.

Vacuum system hardware

Manufacturer / Merchant Products Comments
Hositrad CF, KF, ISO flange stuff; glass, viewports, seals, feedthroughs, valves, pumps, manipulators, electron guns, etc.  

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