Selected OpAmp characteristics

16 Nov 2020 - tsp
Last update 05 Sep 2021
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This is just a small collection of OpAmps that I’m currently using and their relevant characteristics (note that relevant characteristics means relevant to me, this is not a general statement).

If you’re interested in basic operational amplifier circuits I’ve also written a short blog article about the absolute basics.

OP Amp Open Loop Gain Gain Input Impedance (Common Mode) Input impedance (Differential) Bias current Bandwidth Vcc GBWP ESD Datasheet Comments
MAX4477ASA+T $60 dB$   $1 G\Omega$ $1 G\Omega$ $1 pA$ $10 MHz$ $2.7V$ to $5.5V$ $10 MHz$   Maxim General purpose low noise rail to rail OpAmp (Used this one in an low cost gamma radiation detector)
OPA549 $110 dB$   $1 G\Omega$ $10 M\Omega$ $-100 nA$   $\pm 30V$ $0.9 MHz$ $2 kV$ Texas Instruments High voltage, high current OpAmp (typical audio amplifier, servo driver, power supply, etc.)
OPA228   $G \gt 5$ $1 G\Omega$ $10 M\Omega$ $10 nA$ $33 MHz$     $2 kV$ Texas Instruments Generic amplifier, non unity gain stable
OPA227   $G=1$ $1 G\Omega$ $10 M\Omega$ $10 nA$ $8 MHz$     $2 kV$ Texas Instruments Generic amplifier, unity gain stable
ADA4530     $> 100 T\Omega$ $> 100 T\Omega$ $20 fA$   $4.5V$ to $16V$ or $\pm 2.25V$ to $\pm 8V$ $2 MHz$ $4 kV$ Analog Femtoampere input bias current OpAmp, Electrometer with included guard buffer
AD8055 $71 dB$ $G=1$ $10 M\Omega$ $10 M\Omega$ $1.2 \mu A$ $300 MHz$ $\pm 5.0V$     Analog Unity gain video buffer amplifier / video signal driver
THS4304DBVT $65 dB$   $100 k\Omega$ $100 k\Omega$ $18 \mu A$ $3 GHz$ $5 V$ $> 10 MHz$ $1 kV$ Texas Instruments Generic high speed voltage feedback
OPA657U $70 dB$ $G=7$ $10 T\Omega$ $10 T\Omega$ $1 pA$ $275 MHz$ $\pm 5V$ $1.6 GHz$   Texas Instruments Transimpedance amplifier, high gain photodiode amplifier, optical equipment, etc.
LM358 $100 dB$   $10 k\Omega$   $100 nA$ $1 MHz$ $0-32 V$   $\pm 250V TexasInstruments Cheap general purpose low frequency OpAmp (for example for photodiodes, slow oscillators, etc.)

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